No Show policy

What is the No Show policy and how does the policy work?
Our priority is to ensure that all members have equal opportunities to attend the classes of their choice. One of the problems that came to our attention i... Read More
What happens if I commit a 4th or a 5th No-Show in a month?
Each No-Show after the 3rd No-Show in a month will attract the same extended penalty i.e., membership deduction of 1 day and a block penalty.
Till when will the extended penalty be applied?
The policy consists of two parts: No-Show Penalty: Your membership will be deducted by one day for each no-show as before. Block Penalty: If you accumu... Read More
Can I still attend classes if I reach the three no-show limit?
Absolutely! After the two-day booking restriction period, you will regain access to book classes again.
Can I use Cult Gyms?
Absolutely! The policy only restricts bookings to group classes and does not impact gym check-ins.
What is the time frame for cancelling a class booking?
We encourage members to cancel their class booking at least 1 hour before the class starts to avoid a No-Show Penalty.
Will this policy apply to all classes offered?
Yes, the new no-show policy will be applicable to all our fitness group classes.
How can I avoid penalties under the new policy?
To avoid penalties, simply be mindful of your class bookings. If you know you can't make it, remember to cancel your reservation within the allotted tim... Read More
Will there be any exceptions for special circumstances?
While we understand that unforeseen events can occur, we encourage members to inform us of any exceptional situations. We will handle such cases with unders... Read More