Health Check-Ups & Diagnostics Screening Packs

What tests and services do you offer for health check-ups?
The best way to prevent any disease is to detect it early! We offer two main types of Check-ups:  1. Full Body Check-up: This pack offers a set of co...
What tests can be done at home?
1. Health Check-up: This is a combination of pathology and radiology tests. Pathology collection includes blood and urine samples that can be collected at h...
How does the Full Body Health Check-up work?
3 Simple steps to follow after purchasing the health check-up pack from the app -  Schedule your tests.  The health check-up will have two ma...
How does home sample collection work?
If you have booked for a full body check-up, you will receive details about the Phlebotomist within 12 hours before your appointment. Once the samples ...
For full body health check-up, can I choose 2 different slots for pathology and radiology tests?
While we recommend taking both your tests together, you can definitely take them on two different days/time slots as per your convenience. 
How much time will the full body health check-up take?
Full body health check-up will be completed within 60 mins at the center.
How much time will diagnostic screening test take?
Sample collection for all diagnostic screening packs can be done either at the centre or at home. Time for sample collection ranges from 5 -10 minutes and re...
The full body health checkup has X-ray and Ultrasound, I do not want to be exposed to radiation. Can I opt out of that?
Sure! You can opt out of it by speaking to a representative at the reception. The price of the full body health checkup, however, will remain the same. 
Can I cancel/reschedule my full body health check-up/diagnostic screening appointment?
The appointment can be rescheduled anytime before your slot begins. However, we recommend you cancel the appointment at least 30 mins before your first test...
How can I receive my reports on email again ?
You can email your test reports by going to Profile > Medical Records > Diagnostic Tests and selecting the email reports button.