Attending cult classes

What do I need to carry to the center for my workout?
Workout equipment like weights, boxing bags are available at the center. We also have hand sanitisers available at the center.  To ensure safety during ... Read More
Can I workout without shoes?
You will need a pair of shoes to attend a session and workout with other members. We recommend our members to carry clean workout shoes to maintain hygiene ... Read More
It’s my first cult class. What can I expect?
We are super excited and can’t wait to see you at the center and help you get started on your fitness journey! Here’s a few things we want you to take care ... Read More
Post workout recovery tips
Minimize Muscle Soreness Soreness and stiffness is absolutely normal after an intense workout, and strangely it will feel satisfying great!  Right cool d... Read More
By what time should I reach the cult center?
To ensure safety during COVID-19 pandemic, we will be checking temperature, oxygen levels and status on the Aarogya Setu app for every member before enterin... Read More
I am getting delayed and will be late to my cult class
As long as you can make it within 5 mins from the session’s start time, you will be able to work out.  We do not encourage members to work out if they ar... Read More
Why do you not encourage us to workout if we come more than 5 mins late to the cult center?
We believe that discipline is a big part of any fitness activity or routine, particularly if one needs results. Moreover, the first 5 mins are the most crit... Read More
How do I mark attendance for my cult class?
Marking attendance for each class that you book and attend is mandatory. You can mark your attendance on the tablets in our centers.  You will receive a... Read More
Is marking attendance mandatory?
Yes, marking attendance for every session attended is mandatory. You will only be able to mark attendance in the 15 mins before and after the session st... Read More
What happens if I do not mark my attendance/forgot to mark my attendance?
Not marking attendance for a booked class will lead to a No-Show.. If you miss marking attendance for a free trial, you will lose 1 free trial. For pack me... Read More