The best way to prevent any disease is to detect it early! We offer two main types of Check-ups: 

1. Full Body Check-up: This pack offers a set of comprehensive tests including blood & urine tests, X-ray, ECG and Ultrasound. You can check our app/website for more info about add-ons and tests covered based on your age & gender. 

The add-on tests such as vitamin D, Calcium, Vitamin B12 and others can be chosen during the checkout. With a Health check-up plan, you can get a free consultation with our doctor to receive a complete medical & lifestyle care advice as well as prescriptions based on the test reports.

2. Diagnostic Screening Packs: We have a wide range of screening packs including Diabetes screening, Liver screening, Vitamin profile and many others. The samples for these tests can be collected either at home or at the centre whilst reports will be available in a digital format.