Nutrition Consultation FAQs

What is a Nutrition Consultation program?
Our customised Nutrition Consultation program caters to individuals seeking guidance in Sports and Exercise nutrition, muscle gain/body recomposition, pre a... Read More
Will I have the same nutritionist if I purchase a 4/8/12 session pack?
We will assign the same nutritionist specialised to address the condition as per your membership. However, in case your primary nutritionist is not availabl... Read More
What is the mode of communication with the nutritionist?
You can pre-book your video consultations with your nutritionist based on the calendar availability and your membership. Additionally, the nutritionist will... Read More
Is this a refundable product?
No, there shall not be any cancellations or refunds, once you have purchased the Nutrition Consultation membership.  
Can I transfer my membership to another person?
a. The nutrition consultation program is a non-transferable product. b. Consultations and services must be utilized within the specified expiry date mentio... Read More
Is there any eligibility criteria for registering for a Nutrition consultation program?
This programme is not suitable for any person recovering from a serious injury / medical or health condition. Please consult your physician before enrolling... Read More
What is the primary focus and scope of the Nutrition Consultation program?
a. This program is not aimed at curing or treating any specific disease, medical condition, or ailment. b. Consultations provided by the Nutritionist are b... Read More
What happens if the Nutrition consultations are modified/cancelled without notice?
In such cases, we will communicate any changes in advance and provide alternatives as appropriate.