Cult Bootcamp

What is Bootcamp?
Bootcamp is a program that is specially designed for weight loss goals. In this 6-week duration, you can expect up to 5 kg of weight loss. This program offe... Read More
How is Cult Bootcamp different from Cultpass Elite?
This program focuses on 4 main elements to ensure that everyone reaches their weight loss goal in a super-efficient way. 1) Nutrition Each one of you wi... Read More
What happens if I miss some class(es) because of travel or other commitments?
In case you are travelling please do inform the coach beforehand so, that he/she can share a workout plan that you can do from anywhere.
Can I do an evening class if I miss attending the morning slot and vice versa?
While we strongly recommend that you stick to the slot that you have selected but, in one of scenarios you can switch the slot.
Does Bootcamp guarantee weight loss?
Yes, we offer a guaranteed 2kg weight loss and you can expect to lose up to 5 kgs in 6 weeks provided you follow our program guidelines. 
Which medical conditions are not allowed?
We take the below medical conditions. Others are not allowed PCOS Diabetes type2 Hypertension  Thyroid Postpartum after 6 months
Will the classes be at the center?
Offline classes will happen on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday the coach will give you a plan to be followed at home. Saturday wi... Read More
What if I join late?
We recommend you start the program by 9th Jan. However a week's delay can still be managed. 
What if I am not available for a few sessions?
Even though it is not good to miss sessions, we recommend you keep your fitness trainer informed in advance to plan other activities to meet daily activity ... Read More
Can I change my time slot?
Unfortunately, we don’t allow you to change your time slot since that will make it difficult for your trainer and nutritionist to track your progress since ... Read More