Cultbike Live Classes and scenic rides

What kind of content is available with the bike? Is it developed inhouse?
We have a wide variety of content which includes yoga, cardio, strength training, spin classes both live and on demand, scenic rides and many more. Yes, the... Read More
Is the content free for lifetime?
No, currently we are offering a free membership to access this content until March 2023. Post that it is chargeable.
Can I browse other apps on my screen?
No, you cannot browse other applications on the screen. It is a closed environment
What are the other workout formats in cultbike?
The other formats of workouts are yoga, cardio, strength training.
How can I schedule live classes?
Once you are cultbike member. You will be receiving a complete schedule for the live classes. You can schedule your classes by just counting yourself IN.
What are the features of scenic ride?
The Scenic ride is an exclusive feature of our cultbike, where you can ride at various places ranging from Statue of Liberty in the USA to Eiffel Tower in F... Read More
How cultbike is different from other apps and spinbikes?
We have built cultbike on a mission to bring immersive and challenging workouts into people's lives in a more accessible, affordable and efficient way. ... Read More
How many live classes does cultbike offer? Are there beginner to advanced options?
cultbike offers 7 live classes every day. These classes include Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels.
Can other people use my All-Access Membership?
The All-access membership is per bike. Therefore only the users whose account is created on that particular bike can access the membership content.