How do we buy a membership to Other Gyms?
You can buy the membership to these gyms on the website. Here are the steps to follow: Log in on Go to tab Click on...
I have bought a membership pack for a gym. What should I do next?
As soon as you buy a pack, we inform our partner gyms about your purchase. You can visit these centers in the next 30 days to get started. The center manag...
Can I pause my Cult Pass membership?
Currently, we do not support the pause functionality on our Cult Pass memberships.
I’m new to Cult Pass gym. What can I expect?
We recommend you book a trial session to explore the offerings. Each user gets 2 trial sessions. You can book the time slot on the app or visit any Cult Pa...
Will I get any assistance from the trainers in the gym?
Yes, there will be trainers on the premises to help you if you have any queries
Can I change the start date of my Cult Pass membership?
Your membership starts on the date chosen by you during the purchase of the membership. The start date can't be changed post-purchase.
Can I pay at the gym and buy a Cult Pass membership?
Yes, you can. You can purchase the membership at the gyms or from the app or website.
How is Cult Pass membership different from membership?
Cult pass gives you unlimited access to the gyms and limited access to group workout centers. Whereas,  the membership provides unlimited ...
Can I access Cult centers with this membership?
Yes, you will have limited access centers. You can attend 4 group workouts at centers each till your membership expires.