What are the various membership packs available for Online PT?
We have a range of packs to suit your fitness needs! Pay Per Session: Online PT is a platform to work on your fitness goals through 1 on 1 sessions with...
Can I pause / transfer my Online PT session?
Currently we do not have the provision to pause or transfer Online PT membership packs/classes.
Why should I buy a Online PT membership pack?
The journey towards fitness and health is a continuous and a regular one. A consistent workout schedule will help you achieve your health and fitness goals....
Where can I find details about my current and previously purchased Online PT membership/classes?
From the Home tab of the app, tap on your profile and select Active Packs/Subscriptions. You will get details of all your active packs. For past purchases...
Can I cancel or get a refund for a Online PT Pack?
A pack once purchased cannot be canceled or refunded. 
Can I swap my cult / PT membership with Online PT session?
Currently we do not support the swap of membership days for Live PT pack purchase. 
Will I get a personalized plan for my Online PT sessions?
To help you achieve your fitness goals, your personal trainer needs to know your current fitness levels. Once you become a member, your personal trainer wil...