COVID Home Care

FAQs for users who have purchased the CareFit COVID Home Care Plan

How to quarantine at home?
1. Facility & Environment Make sure your house not only has a separate area where you can self-isolate but also additional space to quarantine your f... Read More
What Should I expect from my unlimited COVID consultations pack?
Booking a Doctor consultation You can book, cancel and reschedule your consultations with your selected doctor through the Curefit App The Doctor... Read More
When should I seek Emergency Care?
Seek Emergency Care immediately if you find or experience any of the below- Oxygenation level in Pulse Oximeter is <90% OR  Exhibit any of the ... Read More
How Should I Use Vital Monitoring Devices?
The 3 Main Vital Signs that you are required to Check and Monitor on a Daily Basis are -       1. Vital Sign : Body Temperature Equipment : Digital Or... Read More
What Should I Expect in my First Consultation while Onboarding for COVID Home Care
The Onboarding Doctor Consultation is the first step in your journey to recovery from Covid-19 and the foundation on which the course of your treatment will... Read More
How can I reduce my anxiety and fear?
Staying at home can be quite nice for some but can also be boring and restricting for some others. Hence it is very important to be aware of how to take ca... Read More
How Can I Protect Myself & Others during Home Quarantine?
It is essential to follow and adhere to certain precautionary instructions to successfully break the chain of transmission and ensure the safety, comfort, a... Read More
Quarantine Cheat Codes
Here are some activities and things to do  to help in dealing with your feelings of anxiety, fear and stress. Be Physically Healthy | Exercise at least ... Read More
What Should I expect at the end of my 15 Day Quarantine?
This is the day you have been waiting for and it is finally here!  We hope you have persevered to emerge a victor and also completely Covid-free! The end ... Read More
What are the Cardinal Rules to prevent the spread of Covid within my House?
1.    For Patient Stay Away From Others •    Stay in a well-ventilated single room preferably with an attached/separate toilet. •    If another family... Read More