Dietician Consultation: In/Post Session

I had difficulties with the audio/video of the call. The call got disconnected in the middle of my consultation.
Seems like a network snag. Please write to us at and we will reschedule this appointment.
I did not receive my diet plan
Please write to us at We’ll send it across to you.
How can I upload relevant medical reports to be shared with Dietician?
Please use the chat box activated during the session to share relevant reports.
Where can I find my diet plan after the session?
Diet plan will be shared via email on the registered mail address on the app. You can also find the diet plan in the Medical records under the My P...
When will the diet plan be shared with me?
The diet plan will be shared within 90 minutes of the commencement of the session.
I am a doctor and would like to work as a Dietician?
It's great to know you are interested in working with us. Please share your resume with