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What is a Dietician Consultation Pack?
In this pack, we aim to connect you to an experienced Dietician of your choice, who will then deeply understand your lifestyle and cuisine to suggest increm... Read More
Are there any free trial consultations I can book?
We don’t have a free trial, however, you can book a single consultation with the Dietician of your choice for a nominal fee before purchasing a pack
Will my pack begin on the day I make the purchase?
Yes, your pack will begin on the day you make the purchase.
Can I cancel my pack after purchase?
An already purchased pack can not be cancelled. However, if you are facing issues with your consultation experience, you can reach out to our customer suppo... Read More
Can I transfer or pause my pack?
No, you can not transfer or pause your pack.
Is there any limit on how much I can chat with my Dietician?
You will have unlimited chat during the duration of your pack. Dietician will answer all your queries and help follow the diet plan.
Can I chat/ consult with my Dietician after my pack expires?
Once the pack expires, you will have to repurchase the pack to continue chatting with them.
Can I use one pack for multiple people?
No, our Dieticians and our packs are designed to cater to the needs of a single person at a time. Please purchase a separate pack for your loved one or frie... Read More
Can I upgrade my pack after purchase to a longer duration?
Upgrade option is not supported. You can buy a new pack once the current one expires.