Dietician Session Booking

I may be late, will my appointment be cancelled?
The Dietician will wait 10 mins once your consultation time starts. After which, the slot will be auto-cancelled.
How do I book an appointment for Online Dietician Consultation?
To book an appointment log into the app Click on the Dietician icon on the Page Pick the pack you’re interested in  Proceed to payment ...
Where can I find the chat option with the Dietician?
Please check the Profile section > medical records > consultation > message option. Chat will expire in 30 days from the day of the appointment.
How can I reschedule my appointment?
You can use the following flow: Go to profile > medical records > consultations > open consultation and reschedule. You can reschedule the appointm...
How do I book a follow-up session with the same Dietician?
You can use the following flow: Go to  Eat >Dietician > Choose the Doctor> Select time slot.
Can I transfer my leftover sessions to a member/non-member?
No, it cannot be transferred to a different person.
I want to book a session with a specific Dietician but unable to find a slot.
This happens if all the slots for the Dietician are fully booked for next two weeks. We request you to try again after fews days to check for slot availabil...