Membership Online GX

What is Online GX Class?
At, we make fitness fun and easy. We have best in class trainers and offer group workouts virtually. A Online GX Class is a virtual group training ... Read More
What are the various Online GX Membership packs available?
We have 3 months, 6 months & 12 months membership packs available. All memberships give you access to unlimited Online GX classes. If you have a cult m... Read More
Can I pause /transfer my Online GX membership?
Currently, we do not have the provision to pause or transfer Online GX membership packs/classes.
How will Online GX classes help me with my fitness goals?
You will start with an initial assessment to help us understand your fitness levels and goals. Once the assessment is complete, you will have the option to ... Read More
Why was my membership duration reduced?
Missing a booked class is marked as a no-show. Since we have limited slots available, we request you to cancel classes in advance if you are unable to at... Read More