At-home Classes

Where can I see the list of all upcoming classes?
You can see all the upcoming and ongoing At-home classes on the At-home schedule page or on the app home page.
How can I cancel the At-home class I’ve subscribed to?
You can cancel the class you’ve subscribed for by clicking on the CANCEL button on your upcoming class widget.
Will I get reminded about my classes well in advance?
Yes, we’ll remind you 30 mins before the class as well right before your class begins. We also recommend you also add the class to your Google Calendar or i... Read More
Where can I workout from when attending At-home classes from?
You can perform these workouts anywhere - however, we recommend a 2x2 meter space, enough to perform the movements comfortably by placing your phone in fron... Read More
How often should I attend At-home classes?
5 sessions a week is the magic number, but we get it, sometimes it can be tough. We recommend trying and attending a minimum of 3 sessions per week to work ... Read More
Can I download a At-home class that I’ve subscribed to in advance?
All our classes are streamed LIVE - which means you can only access them at a scheduled time over good network connectivity.
Can I join the session even if I have not subscribed to it?
Yes, you can JOIN an ongoing At-home session even if you haven’t subscribed to it.
What happens if I miss attending a class I have signed up for?
You can subscribe and attend any other ongoing and upcoming classes in case you miss the class you signed up for. However,  we highly recommend you to try a... Read More
Where can I see all the At-home classes I’ve attended?
You can see all the classes you’ve attended in "My profile" in the fitness tab.
Can I attend a At-home class anytime I want?
You can attend an At-home class only at the time of the scheduled telecast. We run multiple repeat telecasts across the week at different time slots. You ca... Read More