cultpass LIVE

What is a cultpass LIVE?
cultpass LIVE gives you unlimited access to all LIVE classes and DIY (on demand) sessions. This includes unlimited access to fitness, dance, meditation, hea... Read More
What are the different options available with cultpass LIVE?
cultpass LIVE gives you full access to live and on-demand content on the app/website. We have options of different durations available, you can check the la... Read More
Are there any trial sessions for cultpass LIVE? Where can I check my eligibility?
Every user can initiate a 7-day free trial by starting any live, or on-demand video in Fitness or Mindfulness tabs under the 'Live' section. Any u... Read More
What are the services accessible to a cultpass LIVE member?
cultpass LIVE gives you unlimited access to all Digital Live classes and DIY (on demand) sessions across. This includes unlimited access to fitness, dance, ... Read More
If I buy the cultPass LIVE on one device, can I use it on another device?
Yes, if you login with your same credentials, you can use cultpass LIVE on other devices. However, you can not stream a class at the same time on more than ... Read More
Can I cancel cultpass LIVE subscription after purchase?
An already purchased subscription can not be canceled. However, if you’re facing issues with your subscription, you can reach out to customer support to try... Read More
Can I transfer or pause cultpass LIVE?
You cannot pause or transfer your cultpass LIVE subscription.
What services does the cultpass LIVE not include?
cultpass LIVE does not include online personal training sessions, doctor or therapy consultations, or small group training sessions as well as non digital o... Read More
How do I turn-off auto renewal on my ios subscription?
You can turn off your auto renewal in your Apple app store subscriptions.
Can I renew my cultpass LIVE even before my existing subscription ends? What happens to my existing subscription days in such case?
You can renew your cultpass LIVE subscription even if your existing subscription is yet to end. Your new pack would start from the date after your existing ... Read More