What are shows on
Eat live shows are food based shows that feature some of the known chefs and nutrition experts in India and our in-house experts who would guide you on vari... Read More
Where can I see the list of all upcoming shows?
You can see all the upcoming and ongoing shows in the section within the LIVE tab of the app.
How can I book my slot for shows?
You can book an show from your app on android and iOS. Please visit the LIVE tab and click on the section. This page lists all Li... Read More
Where can I see the past shows that I’ve seen?
You can also see the name of all the shows you’ve attended in your Completed section on your HOME page. As these shows are streamed LIVE, you will not be ab... Read More
Are there any charges for booking my slot for show?
No, all shows are absolutely free, as of now.
How can I cancel the LIVE show I’ve subscribed to?
You can cancel the show you’ve subscribed for by clicking on the three-dot icon next to the session on the HOME page. 
Can I download a LIVE show that I’ve subscribed to in advance?
All our shows are streamed LIVE - which means you can only access them at a scheduled time over good network connectivity.
What platforms can I watch LIVE shows on?
You can watch the LIVE shows on your mobile devices. Any device which has more than 2.5 GB of RAM is good enough to stream live sessions. You can also strea... Read More
The show is not loading, what should I do?
We request you to give it a couple of seconds and if the session still does not load, we recommend you close the app, check your internet connection and try... Read More
What are Guided Recipes?
We have designed sessions of healthy recipes for all kinds of food enthusiasts, from desserts to smoothies to snacks, ranging from 10 to 90 minutes. These r... Read More