Online PT

How to cancel/reschedule a booked PT class?
Please ensure you cancel a booked class up to 3 hours before the class begins. Post the cancel window, you will not be able to cancel the class and we won&#... Read More
It’s my first Online PT class. What can I expect?
We are super excited for you! Here’s a few things we want you to take care of since it is your very first Online PT session. BEFORE CLASS Eat one hou... Read More
Unable to join the session via the link
Please visit the 'upcoming' section on the app or website and click on the Join link to start the session. The Join link will be activated 10 mins... Read More
My class is not loading, what should I do?
We request you to give it a couple of seconds and if the session still does not load, we recommend you close the app, check your internet connection and try... Read More
What are Online PT Classes on cult?
Online PT is a platform to work on your fitness goals through 1 on 1 sessions with our trainers. We have the best in class trainers who would help you th... Read More
I want to know more about your trainers.
All our trainers are highly skilled and are experts in their formats. We will assign you the best trainers based on your fitness goals . You will get the de... Read More
How do I book a Online PT class?
Booking a class is super easy! You can book it from the app. Here’s how: Log into the app Click on More option at the bottom, clic... Read More
I want to buy a Online PT membership pack. How do I do that?
Great decision! Here’s how you can buy your membership pack         From our app: Click on More option at the bottom of the app, open the Cu... Read More
Can I take a trial Online PT session before I decide to buy a membership pack?
Absolutely! You can book an Online PT trial session from our app at a minimal price. How to: Click on more option at the bottom of the app, open the Cul... Read More
How do I mark attendance for my session?
Please ensure you join the session 5 minutes before it starts. This would give you sufficient time to check connectivity and enable camera/audio permissions... Read More