1 on 1 Training session at Cult

How to book a 1 on 1 Training Session?
Here’s how you book a 1 on 1 Training Session from the cult.fit app :  Log into the app From the bottom of the To-Do page, pick cult.fit Pick 1 on ... Read More
What does a 1 on 1 Training Pack offer?
1 on 1 Training packs helps you be regular and removes the hassle of paying for a session every time you want to work out with your trainer.
Where is 1 on 1 training available?
1 on 1 training is available in select centers of Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore.  
What is 1 on 1 Training?
1 on 1 Training helps you achieve your fitness goals in the guidance of an expert personal trainer. Your trainer will assess your current fitness level and ... Read More
How long does a 1 on 1 training session last?
1 on 1 Training Session lasts for 50 minutes.
Can I cancel/refund a 1 on 1 Training Pack?
A pack once purchases cannot be canceled or refunded. Please reach out to us via the support option in the cult.fit app/website (Home > Profile > Supp... Read More
What are the fitness goals that I can work on with my trainer?
You can work on any personal fitness goals with your trainer. Some of the common goals that people have for 1 on 1 Training include body fat loss, weight ma... Read More
How frequently should I workout with my personal trainer?
Based on your fitness goals and current fitness level, your Personal Trainer will suggest a fitness journey for you, with a recommendation on how often shou... Read More
I have bought a pack and completed 3 sessions. I am not satisfied with the sessions?
We are sorry to hear that you are not happy. At cult.fit, we want to ensure that we have met the expectation of every single user, and would love to discuss... Read More
How do I select my personal trainer?
When you book your first 1 on 1 training session on the app, we automatically assign you a personal trainer based on your preferred center and slot. All cul... Read More