Fitcash (available only in India)

What happens to my Fitcash if I uninstall the app?
If you uninstall the app, your Fitcash will still remain active until 3 years from the date of issuance. Please remember, you need to log into the ... Read More
Can someone else use my Fitcash?
No, only you can use your Fitcash. However, if someone gets access to your account (by getting access to your password or personal device) they can... Read More
Can Fitcash be transferred to another person?
No, only you can use Fitcash credited to your account.
Can I lose access to Fitcash?
Yes. If your account is suspended due to some reason, you can lose access to Fitcash. This is usually done when a customer indulges in fraudulent o... Read More
What will happen to my Fitcash if I am unable to login to my account?
You can go to website and app and use the forgot password option. If it still doesn’t help, you can write to hello@cult .fit. Once you gain access ... Read More