Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation

What is Nutrition & Lifestyle consultation? Who can benefit from this?
Everyone can benefit from a nutrition & lifestyle consultation with our best in class health coaches. Health coaches can help you adopt a healthier lif...
What should I expect at the center during my lifestyle & nutrition consultation?
We recommended that you reach the center at least 10-15 mins before your consultation begins so that the entire process goes through smoothly and o...
Can I do the first nutrition & lifestyle consultation via video call?
Your first consultation needs to be done at the center. However, your follow ups can be done via video calls.
How can I pick a particular health coach while booking my consultation appointment?
All our health coaches are equally skilled and are experts in the field. While we do not let you select a specific coach at the time of booking, we will dis...
I may be late, will my appointment will be cancelled?
The doctor will wait 7 mins once your consultation time starts. After which, the slot will be auto-cancelled. However, you can reschedule it either via the ...
Can I reschedule my consultation appointment?
You can most certainly reschedule your appointment. However, you can cancel your appointment only up to 30 mins before the consultation begins.  
I had difficulties with the video/audio of the call. The call got disconnected in the middle of my consultation.
Seems like a network snag. Please write to us at and we will reschedule this appointment.
I did not receive my plan
Please write to us at We’ll send it across to you.
How can I follow-up with my nutritionist?
Just book another appointment with your nutritionist on Care > Consult > Nutrition. You can select nutritionist of your choice and proceed