Booking a 1 on 1 therapy session

How to book a 1 on 1 Therapy session?
Here’s how you can book a therapy session from the app: Log into the app From the bottom of the To-Do page, pick Pick 1 ... Read More
Not sure if I should book a Therapy or a Psychiatry session. What should I choose?
If you are not sure or trying out Professional Therapy care for the first time, we strongly recommend you book a session with a Therapist. Your Therapist w... Read More
How long does a 1 on 1 therapy session last?
A Therapy session lasts for 50 mins, and a Psychiatry session lasts for 25 mins.
Why should I book follow up sessions with the same Psychiatrist/Therapist?
It takes time to build the trust between you and your Therapist, and it is critically important that both feel comfortable sharing and discussing the challe... Read More
Until when can I reschedule the 1 on 1 therapy session?
You can reschedule a session up to 3 hours before the session start time.
Can I cancel the 1 on 1 therapy session?
Yes, cancellation/reschedules are allowed until 3 hours before the scheduled session start time. Please reach out to us via the support option in the cure.f... Read More