1 on 1 Therapy at mind.fit

What is Therapy?
Therapy is a process of seeking help from trained mental health professionals. Sessions provide a safe & confidential space for you to open up about you... Read More
What are the common issues that Therapy can help solve?
Therapy can help address several issues including Stress, Anxiety, Sleep, Relationship and Self Improvement issues
Does Therapy really help?
Various scientific studies have shown that with timely intervention, therapy is beneficial in coping with multiple challenges of mental health. People often... Read More
Is therapy for me?
Whether you are experiencing symptoms that come in the way of daily living or want to explore issues experienced in the past or are keen on enhancing your w... Read More
How frequently should I meet the Therapist/Psychiatrist?
Based on your needs and condition, your Therapist/Psychiatrist will suggest a journey for you, with recommendations on when you should meet your Therapist/... Read More
How is therapy at mind.fit different?
Mind.fit offers a comprehensive solution to you. With Therapy and Psychiatry under the same roof along with Yoga and Meditation, we deliver better recovery ... Read More
What should I keep in mind before attending my first 1 on 1 therapy session at mind.fit?
Nothing much. Just be ready to discuss your problems with our experts, and let them know how they can be of help. If you have taken professional Psychiatric... Read More
What should I expect during my first therapy session?
Your therapist will focus on getting to know you better through the first session. Together, the two of you will identify goals for follow up sessions. You... Read More
What should I expect from the follow up 1 on 1 therapy sessions?
Every follow up session is a major step towards solving your problems. With each session, you should be able to discuss progress, make course corrections an... Read More
What is the difference between a Therapist and a Psychiatrist?
Therapists go deep into our problems with us. They help us understand ourselves better and plan for recovery without using medicines. Psychiatrists diagnose... Read More