Why do I need to create a account?
To be able to access all our services, you will need an account on All the activities you do including sleep, walk, cult workouts, gym workouts an... Read More
How do I edit my account details?
You can edit your account details such as Email, Date of Birth etc (except your phone number and name) by going to your profile-Account-Contact details. For... Read More
How do I track my health?
We help you track your fitness through your streak scores and the number of health activities completed.  The number of health activities comprise numbe... Read More
How secure is my account information?
Rest assured that your account information is safe with us. We will not share your details with anyone.  Your details will only be used in the context o... Read More
I'm having trouble logging into the app.
Let's help you get started quickly! If you've not received your OTP, try the below options: Try resending the OTP Ensure you have good network co... Read More
Can I transfer my Cultpass memberships to another person?
No, you cannot transfer your Cultpass memberships to another person. 
Fitso Account Deletion
How can I delete my details on the Fitso app (Now part of  You can request the deletion of the data present on the Fitso app(Now part of Cult... Read More