cult classes

How are cult classes designed and scheduled?
Your cult classes are designed by highly qualified trainers. Classes are planned very logically keeping in mind various factors such as covering all muscle ... Read More
Duration of cult classes
Each in-center Cult class is designed to be 40 minutes long. Each At Home workout class can be from 10 up to 40 mins long. All our workouts inc... Read More
Are cult classes beginner friendly?
Don’t worry! All our classes are beginner friendly. If you are doing an at Home DIY session, we have sessions designed specifically for beginners. ... Read More
How often should I do cult sessions?
Well, 5 sessions over a week is the magic number. But you need to do three sessions per week at a minimum to get something out of all that hard work.  S... Read More
Can I take a free trial session before I decide to buy a cultpass?
Absolutely! You get not just one, but two trial sessions across any of our centers and at no cost. Booking your trial session is super easy and can be done ... Read More
I would like to start attending cult sessions at your center.
Awesome! Congrats on making the best decision of your life. To attend cult sessions at our centers you can either buy a cup pack or book individual sessions... Read More
Will I get reminded about my class well in advance?
Yes, you will be notified about your class 90 mins before the class start time through an app notification. If you’ve registered on the app with... Read More