In which locations do you deliver?
To know if we deliver to your location, go to our website, at the top right corner click the location icon and scroll down to spot your location in the lis... Read More doesn't currently deliver to my location. When will you deliver to my location?
We are expanding and growing fast. Please keep an eye on our website and social media channels for announcements on the new kitchens & delivery location... Read More
Does charge a delivery fee?
There is no delivery fee for subscriptions.  Single orders may be charged a delivery fee of Rs 35, including all applicable taxes based on the orde... Read More
Can I modify the delivery address for my order?
If you have an active subscription, you can change the delivery address for your upcoming meals as long as the new delivery address in within our se... Read More
Can I modify the delivery time slot for my order?
You can modify the delivery slot for your meal up to 60 mins before the meal’s original delivery time slot.
How can I contact the delivery guy?
Our delivery boys are called the health crew. Our employees' safety is important to us. When our crew answers phone calls while driving, it puts their ... Read More
How can I track my order?
Super easy! Once your order has begun being prepared, you can track it by tapping the track button under the meal on the Home page. You can also track it f... Read More
I did not receive my order. But I was still charged for it. Why?
Our Health crew is responsible for ensuring that you and anyone else who orders an meal, gets their order on time. This means you don't have... Read More