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What is eat.fit?
Eat.fit delivers fresh, tasty meals that are wholesome but most importantly super healthy. eat.fit offers you not only a nutritious, preservative-free meal,... Read More
Where do you get your ingredients from?
Our ingredients are sourced from certified vendors and undergo stringent quality checks before they make it to your eat.fit meal.  These are some of our c... Read More
Food Quality & Hygiene
Our chefs take hygiene as seriously as you do. Hair nets, face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers are part of our strictest protocols. We have equally stric... Read More
What kind of meals does eat.fit serve?
Eat.fit delivers fresh, tasty meals that are wholesome but most importantly super healthy so you can indulge without the guilt. We serve meals for breakfast... Read More
Are eat.fit meal vegan friendly?
We do have dairy free options on the menu. Look out for allergen & dairy information for the meal you've chosen to order.
Can I change the delivery time for my eat.fit order?
You can change the delivery slot only up to 60 mins before the current delivery slot. From the To-do section on the Home tab of the cult.fit app, go to the ... Read More
About the Chef
Jason D’souza’s time in the F&B industry spans from the Taj hotel group to his work with molecular gastronomy, and assisting chef Gordon Ramsay. He ... Read More
Is the meat Halal certified?
All our chicken is procured from a Halal certified vendor. Here's the certificate.
From where can I order an eat.fit meal?
You can order to eat.fit meals from our website or app. You can either place single orders on demand, whenever you’re in the mood for a healthy meal or you ... Read More
I want to share feedback about the meal I ordered, how can I contact you?
Simply head over to ‘Me’, tap orders, pick your order and tap Report Issue. If you’ve ordered from the PhonePe app, go to your orders and tap Report Issue. ... Read More