What are subscriptions?
Tired of scanning menus every day to decide what to order? Can’t deal with the hassle of grocery shopping & cooking at the end of a tiring day? An eat... Read More
What are the benefits of an subscription?
With an subscription, you can spare the daily hassle of ordering meals, doing the dishes, shopping grocery, and what not! We also keep changing o... Read More
How do I subscribe to meals?
Smart move! Your life is just about to get easier. From now on, we figure grocery, cooking & the menu for you. All you have to do is sit and enjoy your ... Read More
I picked the wrong start date for my subscription. How can I change it?
We don’t have a feature to support this directly. However, if you would like to prepone the start date, simply cancel the subscription and buy it again with... Read More
Can I choose to subscribe only for weekdays?
Of course, you can! Just ensure that you toggle off the Weekends option just after you pick your subscription plan and before you hit subscribe.
Can I choose specific days on which I’d like my subscription meals delivered?
We offer only monthly and weekly subscriptions with the option of not receiving meals only on weekends. Meals will be delivered to you every day unt... Read More
How does an auto renewing subscription work?
Do not want the hassle of paying for your subscription every week/month? Opt for the hassle free process of auto-renewing your orders.  When you subscri... Read More
How do I add extra item/s to my upcoming subscription meal?
Doing this is super easy: Go to Plan Tap My Packs Pick your subscription Scroll down to the upcoming meals Go to the me and tap Chang... Read More
There’s been a change of plans, can I cancel my upcoming subscription meal?
Your subscription gives you the flexibility you need. You can cancel your upcoming meals by following these steps on the app Go to Home ... Read More
How can I change my upcoming subscription meal?
In the mood to try something different today? We’ve got you covered. Change your upcoming meal by following these steps: Go to Plan Tap My Packs Pi... Read More