has services to fulfill all your fitness needs. A quick overview of them below

1. At-center Group classes - This is a unique service offered by Cult. They are trainer-led sessions in various different formats ranging from cardio based dance fitness to muscle building HRX to strength & conditioning and relaxing yoga and stretching. 

This is a novel way to work out your whole body with others like you giving you motivation. Your trainer will give you extra attention in your first few classes so that you get accustomed to the exercises.

There is something for everyone regardless of where they are in their fitness journey

2. Gyms - Suited to users who have very specific fitness goals. Cult offers access to the widest set of gyms in the country including Gyms from Fitness First, Gold Gym and Volt Gyms to name a few. 

These gyms come equipped with trainers who will provide general guidance on the workout floor on how to use the equipment and how to work out to achieve desired results. They may also be available for personal training on request. 

3. At-home workoutsWhy step outside the comfort of your home to work out? Use the many many cult workouts online on the cult app. There is a range of pre-recorded and live sessions that you can take advantage of. 

4. Transform - Many of us start our fitness journey to shed those extra kilos. We often lose the weight only to find that it creeps back on us (quite literally!).  Interact with our health coaches to make sure you get into shape so that you stay in always. No more see-saws with your weight!