Seek Emergency Care immediately if you find or experience any of the below-

  1. Oxygenation level in Pulse Oximeter is <90% OR 

Exhibit any of the following symptoms:

  1. Extreme Shortness and Difficulty in Breathing

  2. Lightheadedness    

  3. Persistent Pain OR Pressure in the Chest 

  4. Bluish Discoloration of Lips/Face

  5. Mental Confusion

  6. Slurred Speech OR  Seizures

  7. Inability to arouse from Sleep

  8. Weakness OR Numbness in any Limb or Face

Please rush to your nearest Tertiary Care Hospital or Emergency Room either by -

  • Calling your Local Ambulance to transport you to the Hospital.

  • Asking your Caregiver to directly drive you to the Hospital.

What Should I Do If My Vital Values Are Out Of Range But Not Critically High?

  • If your Vital Signs are seen to be outside the prescribed range, DO NOT PANIC :)

  • It could be because of many factors like Using a wrong technique or Not following conditions etc.

Step 1: Troubleshoot

  1. Did you use the Correct Technique?

Refer to

  1. Did you follow the required conditions before taking the measurement?

  • Did you eat or drink anything hot/cold in the last 5 minutes before measuring your Temperature?

  • Did you remove the thermometer from your mouth before the beep or recommended time?

  • Were your fingers cold when you clipped the Oximeter Probe on to it?

  • Were you shivering or chills resulting in unsteady or shaky hands?

  • Are you wearing any pigments like Nail polish and/or Henna on your fingers?

  • Did you measure the Pulse rate along with Blood Pressure using the same arm and/or at the same time?

Step 2 : Retake Measurement 5 minutes after Troubleshooting. (Step-1)

  • After Troubleshooting, make sure you follow conditions, use the correct technique and Recheck the Vitals 5 mins later.

  • If the Value Remains the Same despite meeting the required conditions and following the correct technique, then go to Step 3.

Step 3 : Start Initial Management

  • Calm yourself down, sit and rest

  • Start Measuring all vitals once in 2hours

  • Take any medication your doctor suggested

  • Take deep breaths and see if its helping your condition

  • Message your doctor (or) schedule a consultation if daily check up is not completed