Booking a Doctor consultation

  • You can book, cancel and reschedule your consultations with your selected doctor through the Curefit App

  • The Doctor session will have to be booked by you in advance at a time you prefer. We recommend you discuss the frequency of the consultations with your doctor during the onboarding consultation and finalize a time that is convenient for both parties involved

  • We also suggest booking your sessions well in advance especially if you are particular about the doctor availability at a certain time of the day

Vitals Monitoring Requirements

  • An important aspect of your routine during the 2-Week Home Quarantine is the self-monitoring of Vital signs. 

  • At a minimum, you are required to measure the 3 most important Vital signs every day namely -

  1. Body temperature

  2. Blood Oxygen saturation and

  3. Pulse or Heart Rate

Note: You will be required to procure both these devices immediately after your quarantine period begins.

Uploading Vitals

  • Vital signs should be measured at the frequency suggested by your doctor.

  • Vital sign measured will result in a value that needs to be uploaded onto the Curefit App in real-time so that your doctor can monitor your status and reach out to you if he/she observes any deterioration or critical parameters that are out of range. Please follow the action mentioned after the submission of vitals in Curefit app.

Doctor Consultation

  • Your consultation will start with your current signs and symptoms to check for any variation (improvement or deterioration) or no change when compared to how you felt during the previous consultation. 

  • The doctor will review the vital sign values you have entered earlier in the day, map your daily progress, add or remove medication and offer advice on any other concerns or queries you may have.