These are a few ways that you can help people overcome their anxieties and build a supportive environment.

  1. Publicly, use terms like ‘People who have COVID-19’ instead of “COVID-19 Cases” or “Victims”. 

  2. Advise people to minimize watching, reading, or listening to news that causes them to feel anxious or distressed.

  3. Advise people to engage in relaxing activities like indoor games, reading, gardening, home-cleaning, etc.

  4. Engage local leaders to build community support and talk to people within your circle of influence.

  • Identify influencers

  • Share correct information on COVID-19 with them

  • Brief them on specific support required by you. 

  1. Emphasise your recovery from COVID-19 and amplify the good news in the community

  • Individuals including yourself who have recovered from COVID-19

  • Individuals who have supported a loved one or family member through their recovery from COVID-19