This is the day you have been waiting for and it is finally here! 

We hope you have persevered to emerge a victor and also completely Covid-free!

The end of the home quarantine is marked by the discharge review consultation on Day-15 of the package. 

Your personal doctor will review your entire 2 week journey from the day you started, the day you reached your first recovery milestone, the day your vital signs stabilized and you became and remained symptom free.

The MOHFW standards specify 4 mandatory criteria that need to be met in order to discontinue the home isolation and be allowed to step out of the house with minimal restrictions.

1.     More than 10 Days since date of onset of symptoms.

2.    More than 3 Days since the resolution of fever without antipyretics 

3.    More than 10 Days since the improvement of respiratory symptoms

4.    More than 4 Days since the oxygen saturation level has been maintained above 95%

In case the above 4 criteria are not met by Day-15, you will be guided by your personal Doctor to -

  • Continue or extend your quarantine until the criteria are met 


  • Shift to a dedicated Covid treatment facility for further treatment and care.

Regardless of the outcome, whether on-time or delayed we at Carefit promise to stand by you to ensure you and your family are safe and healthy at home during this extended period of confinement.

We are always there for you, and will not give up till you cross over, all ready and back to being the best version of yourself.