The Onboarding Doctor Consultation is the first step in your journey to recovery from Covid-19 and the foundation on which the course of your treatment will be planned, laid down and brought to completion. 

It is also the beginning of the connection you will forge with the Carefit personal doctor of your choice, who will lead from the helm and make sure you get through the next 2 weeks effortlessly.

The chief purpose of the onboarding consultation is to get your doctor acquainted with you and your health status through a detailed clinical assessment, including but not limited to a review of your -

    Current Signs and Symptoms

    Past Medical History 

    Family History

    Any History of hospitalization

    High-Risk Factors 

    Comorbidities That Need Controlling

    Severity of Your Condition

    Current medications

    Allergies or Immune disorders

In order to provide the best clinical care possible, your Doctor may recommend diagnostic tests and/or request for a specialist’s opinion wherever necessary. Based on all the above-mentioned factors, the doctor will formulate a customized treatment plan that is unique to you and catering to your specific needs.

Here are a few pointers on how you can make the most of your Onboarding Consult

  • Give accurate past medical history and current medical needs, to help the doctor make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe appropriate medication or the right course of action.

  • Ask a family member to be present with you during the consultation if you feel they can help with answering the doctor’s questions, conveying your history more effectively or if you are not comfortable talking to the doctor alone.

  • Keep all your prescriptions from the last 3 months handy in case the doctor would like to see them.

  • Keep all your recent diagnostic test reports ready in case the doctor would like to see them.

Apart from the personalized care plan, the doctor will also brief you about the Do’s and Don’ts of Home Quarantine, Warning signs and when to seek immediate emergency care, daily monitoring of vitals, maintaining standard precautions, using appropriate protective gear, prevention of infections through hand hygiene and environment disinfection and any other guidelines that might be applicable to you.

It is essential that you purchase Thermometer and Pulse Oximeter devices for home monitoring and any other additional devices your doctor would recommend.