Here are some activities and things to do  to help in dealing with your feelings of anxiety, fear and stress.

Be Physically Healthy | Exercise at least once in a day

Soak up the Sun | Open your shades and windows to increase Light and fresh air into your surroundings

Try something New | Pursue that hobby you never had the time for.

Stay Connected | Catch up, Play a game of Online Ludo with old friends, classmates, and even your own family living in the same house just a room away.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your emotions |

Limit News Consumption | Watch Nature Documentaries or your favourite Comedies instead.

Have a Routine | Make a list of things you like to do throughout the day and stick to it.

Here is a simple way to focus and reset your mind when you start getting unwanted thoughts and feelings.

S - As soon as you begin to feel worried and anxious, STOP the Worry Treadmill

T - TAKE a deep breath and bring yourself to the present

O - OBSERVE your heartbeat, concentrate on your breathing, and get back into the moment

P - Now PROCEED by reaching out to a friend or doing something active