We are super excited for you! Here’s a few things we want you to take care of since it is your very first Online PT session.


  • Eat one hour before class: Have a light, simple snack about an hour before your session. Grab a banana/bowl of oats/few almonds or nuts, it’ll charge you up and also help prevent dizziness in your initial sessions. 

  • Join 5 minutes early: To check internet connectivity and begin the session on time. Ensure camera and audio permissions are set. Set the camera in-front of you and your attendance will be captured after joining the session.

  • Wear comfortable attire for workout and choose a spot with minimal disturbance

Ensure Zoom app is installed before the session starts; if not installed the video link will prompt you to download it.


  • Inform about injuries: Let the trainer know about any injuries you may have

  • Define your own pace: Take it easy. All our workouts are designed in such a way that they can be scaled down for beginners and scaled up for advanced athletes. Complete the workouts at your own pace and whenever you feel uncomfortable, stop and let the trainer know 


  • Minimize muscle soreness: You might have soreness in your muscles for 2-3 days after your first class but don’t worry, it’s absolutely normal...And strangely, it’ll feel satisfyingly great!! A good warm up and the right cool down (stretch) will minimize soreness to a large extent. A cold water shower after exercise also helps 

  • Ideal recovery meal:  Grab a meal that contains easily digestible proteins (like a bowl of pulses) within 30-45 mins of the workout. Avoid dairy or heavily processed protein powders. Drink 2.5-3 liters of water daily to replace the lost fluids.