You can surely cancel your return request. 

To do so, please follow the steps below: 

1. Check the status of your pickup. To know how, click HERE 

2A: If it is 'Return Approved', you can cancel the pickup via app by following the steps below 

2B: If it is 'Out For Pickup'/'Pickup Failed', you would need to reject the pickup once the delivery executive reaches out to you. 

3. In either case, once your return request is cancelled, the order status of your product will change to 'Delivered' almost instantly. 

Steps to cancel your return via app: 

1. Log into the app and tap on the profile section. 

2. Go to orders 

3. Tap the order you wish to cancel the return request for 

4. It will open up an "Order Detail" page with the items you've ordered listed in it 

5. Click on the 'Cancel' button on the item tile for which you've initiated a return request