Of course you can! Please know that cultpass are priced differently in different cities. When we transfer your cultpass, the final validity of your cultpass ELITE may either increase or decrease depending on the price of the cultpass ELITE in your new city.

To transfer your cultpass ELITE to a new city:

  • Ensure you have the latest version of the app
  • From your Profile, go To Active Packs / Subscriptions
  • Click on cultpass Elite pack
  • Click on Transfer
  • Select - Another City
  • Pick the city & center
  • Confirm the transfer

You can now start classes in the new city!  Pack can be transferred to a different city 3 times from the app, however there needs to be a minimum of 60 days duration before the next transfer.

Note: If you have a cultpass SELECT pack, to transfer your membership to a new city, we will first need to convert it to an cultpass ELITE via the app.