We offer the following services

  1.  Consultations: 
    • Doctor Consultation : Consult our General Physicians & Pediatricians with clinical expertise to provide care from common issues to complex illnesses. We provide both video and in person consultations at our best in class care.fit center, with a free follow up consultation. 
    • Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation: Consult with our health coach and get a personalised diet, fitness and mindfulness plan to help you achieve your health goals.
  2. Health Check Ups: 
    • Full Body Health Check up: You can get a full body checkup with comprehensive tests both at home & in center. Not only will all your medical records will be available on your app in a digital form but you also get a consultation with one of our doctors who will give you the right care plan based on the outcome of your reports.
    • Diagnostic Screening Packs: We have a wide range of comprehensive packs for Diabetes screening, Liver screening, Vitamin profile and many others. The samples for these tests can be collected either at home or the center and reports will be available in a digital format.