You can change your pack's start date only if you have bought a cultpass and haven’t still started using it i.e. haven't attended/missed a booked class. If you have any upcoming classes you will have to cancel them to change start date.

In case you have paused your cultpass, please resume to change the start date.

You can begin your membership earlier/later, but the new start date cannot be beyond 30 days from the originally selected start date. It can be changed up to 2 times.  

Here's how you can change your cultpass's start date:

  1. Ensure you've got the latest version of the app (it won't work otherwise)
  2. From the app's Home tab, tap the Profile icon (top right)
  3. Hit Active Packs/Subscriptions
  4. Select the pack for which you need to change the start date 
  5. Tap the three dots 
  6. Tap Change Start Date (just below Report an Issue)
  7. Click on Select Start Date 
  8. Select preferred start date from dropdown menu 
  9. Click on Confirm & hit Submit

Please note: You won't be able to change your start date if you have already changed your start date twice