Our chefs take hygiene as seriously as you do. Hair nets, face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizers are part of our strictest protocols. We have equally strict protocols to ensure that the quality of your food doesn’t get compromised. From cleaning of raw ingredients to cooking to packaging and delivery, we aim to set the benchmark in terms of food and kitchen quality. 

Did you know we are one of the very few restaurants rated as ‘Excellent’ by Zomato for food hygiene rating! Their Hygiene Audit evaluates the following:

  • Premises and pest control

Restaurant's license compliance status, overall cleanliness, pest control, and visitor policy

  • Equipment and packaging

Quality and upkeep of equipment and containers used to store and deliver food

  • Raw material handling

Procurement and storage of raw materials to eliminate physical hazards or contamination

  • Food processing

Safety practices followed through cooking, handling, and transportation of food

  • Personal hygiene

Standards of personal hygiene maintained, and training and supervision of food handlers

  • Water supply and disposal

Quality of sourcing, supply utilities, and drainage and waste disposal processes followed

All we can say is, you need not ever worry about the quality of your meals!