Tired of scanning menus every day to decide what to order? Can’t deal with the hassle of grocery shopping & cooking at the end of a tiring day? An eat.fit subscription is just the thing for you.You can subscribe to one or more meals including breakfast, lunch, snacks & dinner. Once you subscribe, we take care of that meal for you every day! Yes, every single day until the end of your subscription. You can also set up your subscription to renew automatically with credit/ debt cards. 

Your subscription will make life easier in more than one way:


  • Add items to your meal at no extra delivery fee

Add any item/s to your upcoming meal at no additional delivery fee. 

  • Change to a meal of your choice, any day!

Try something new! Explore different flavors from a wide range of healthy, tasty dishes. 

  • Cancel your meal

Change of plans? No problem. Cancel your meal and get a full refund. No questions asked. 

If you have an auto-renewal subscription, this amount gets adjusted with the next subscription. If you do not have an auto-renewal subscription, the amount will get refunded at the end of your subscription.