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What are Other Gyms?
Other Gyms are a collection of handpicked full-service gyms which offer a plethora of services including access to world-class gym equipment, in-house group...
How do we buy a membership to Other Gyms?
You can buy the membership to these gyms on the website. Here are the steps to follow: Log in on Go to tab Click on...
I have bought a membership pack for a gym. What should I do next?
As soon as you buy a pack, we inform our partner gyms about your purchase. You can visit these centers in the next 30 days to get started. The center manag...
Will I get access to Cult Centers?
No, your membership will only give your access to your chosen fitness center. You will not get access to Cult center or any other listed fitness centers.  
Will these centers have group workouts?
Yes, all the listed centers are full-service gyms and have in-house group workouts available. They, however, have their own formats and do not offer
Can I pause my membership with these gyms?
Through website, we are only enabling you to purchase a membership of these high-quality gyms. Your membership will be managed at the chosen center....
How do I book my classes for my gym?
You do not have to book any classes on the app. You can simply walk in to access the gym facilities or attend any group class in your chosen center. 
I want to raise a concern or give feedback about my gym. What should I do?
At, we are committed to giving you the best workout experience. We are working very closely with our partners to ensure that all your concerns and...