Booking 1 on 1 Training session at Cult

How to book a 1 on 1 Training Session?
Here’s how you book a 1 on 1 Training Session from the app :  Log into the app From the bottom of the To-Do page, pick Pick 1 on ...
How long does a 1 on 1 training session last?
1 on 1 Training Session lasts for 50 minutes.
How frequently should I workout with my personal trainer?
Based on your fitness goals and current fitness level, your Personal Trainer will suggest a fitness journey for you, with a recommendation on how often shou...
Will I get my follow up sessions with the same trainer?
Yes. Achieving a fitness goal requires more than just one session.  We ensure that once you have started your fitness journey with a trainer, you continue t...
Until when can I re-schedule a session?
You can reschedule a session up to 3 hours before the session start time.