Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation

What is Nutrition & Lifestyle consultation? Who can benefit from this?
Everyone can benefit from a nutrition & lifestyle consultation with our best in class health coaches. Health coaches can help you adopt a healthier lif...
What should I expect at the center during my lifestyle & nutrition consultation?
We recommended that you reach the center at least 10-15 mins before your consultation begins so that the entire process goes through smoothly and o...
Can I do the first nutrition & lifestyle consultation via video call?
Your first consultation needs to be done at the center. However, your follow ups can be done via video calls.
How can I pick a particular health coach while booking my consultation appointment?
All our health coaches are equally skilled and are experts in the field. While we do not let you select a specific coach at the time of booking, we will dis...
I may be late, will my appointment will be cancelled?
The doctor will wait 7 mins once your consultation time starts. After which, the slot will be auto-cancelled. However, you can reschedule it either via the ...
Can I reschedule my consultation appointment?
You can most certainly reschedule your appointment. However, you can cancel your appointment only up to 30 mins before the consultation begins.  
How many free follow ups do I get?
You get two free follow ups with every consultation.You can take the free follow up sessions within 15 days of your appointment.
Until when can I take the free follow up consultation?
You can take the free follow up session within 15 days of your appointment.
Will my follow-up be with the same coach?
When you schedule your follow up appointment we only show you slots for the same doctor you consulted. However, if for any reason your doctor is not availa...
I had difficulties with the video/audio of the call. The call got disconnected in the middle of my consultation.
Seems like a network snag. Please write to us at and we will reschedule this appointment.