Doctor Consultation

There is no center in my vicinity. I want to consult a doctor.
No problem, we've got you covered. You can book a video consultation with our general physicians and paediatricians from any part of the country! 
How can I pick a particular doctor while booking my consultation appointment?
All our doctors are equally skilled and are experts in family & internal medicine. They are capable of handling all medical conditions and will guide yo...
How do I share additional information/reports with my doctor before the consultation?
You can message your care provider to share any relevant info or ask any question/clarification. You can share any image, prescription or test report even b...
What should I expect at the center during my doctor consultation?
We recommended that you reach the center at least 10-15 mins before your consultation begins so that the entire process goes through smoothly and o...
I may be late, will my appointment will be cancelled?
The doctor will wait 5 mins once your consultation time starts. Afterwhich, the slot will be auto-cancelled. However, you can reschedule it either via the a...
Can I reschedule my consultation appointment?
You can most certainly reschedule your appointment. However, you can cancel your appointment only up to 30 mins before the consultation begins. 
How can I reschedule my in-person/video doctor consultation?
Easy! Go to the plan screen and head to the date of your appointment, pick the consultation you want to reschedule, tap the 3 dots and reschedule your appoi...
How can I cancel my in-person/video doctor consultation appointment?
Go to the today screen, pick the consultation you want to cancel and hit cancel. Please know that you can only cancel the appointment up to 30 mins before t...
How many free follow ups do I get?
You get one free follow up with every consultation.You can take the free follow up session within 8 days of your appointment.
Until when can I take the free follow up consultation?
You can take the free follow up session within 8 days of your appointment.