Yes! You will be able to swap 'X' number of Cult/PT membership with 'Y' number of Live PT sessions. The eligibility details and swap days will be mentioned on the pack purchase page.

How to purchase a pack?

From our app ( Cult Members):

  1. Open the Cult tab

  2. Click on to Live PT tabĀ 

  3. Pick a pack of your choice & click on Buy

  4. If you are an existing cult member, you'll be given an option to 'swap days' if eligible

  5. If you are an existing PT member, please write to us at to check swapping eligibility.
  6. Un-check the 'swap day'option if you don't wish to do so.

Please note that membership once swapped cannot be restored to original Cult/PT membership. Please reach out to us on for more details.