1. To avail the fitclub benefits, users must purchase a fitclub membership by paying a membership fee or receive an extension via another product
  2. The fitclub benefits will be applicable only for the duration of the membership plan selected
  3. The fitclub membership may be extended when purchasing another product such as a cult / mind membership. The extension will be reverted upon cancellation of the product granting the extension.
  4. The fitclub benefits may vary over a period of time and are subject to change. Some benefits may also have additional terms & conditions such as minimum order value and a cap on the fitcash earned.
  5. The fitclub membership fee may be revised from time to time and the duration of the plans may also change.
  6. The fitclub membership is non refundable, non cancelled and non transferable barring unique instances left to the discretion of the company
  7. The fitclub membership will not be auto renewed and you must renew your membership before its expiry to continue enjoying the benefits of the membership.
  8. Company may contact Members via e-mail, phone call, SMS or other electronic messaging with information about their Membership, including their experience and grievances. Any calls that may be made by Company, including through third parties, to the Members may be recorded for internal training and quality purposes by Company or any third party appointed by Company
  9. Company reserves the right to terminate this Membership program or modify its terms and conditions and Rewards, including quantum of Rewards, at any point in time without notice to Members. However, this will not affect your earned Rewards.
  10. In the event the fitclub membership is extended while purchasing another product, the membership duration will be reduced when the product granting the extension is cancelled
  11. Company reserves the right to cancel any members membership at any time and refund his/her membership fee. Further the Company reserves the right to terminate/suspend your membership, if the company determines in its sole discretion that (i) You have violated the terms set our herein or FitCash terms, (ii) have been involved in activities that are in contravention of the terms of use of company operated platform(s) (iii) have engaged in activities which are fraudulent / unlawful in nature while availing any service or buying any products from Company operated platform(s)