It’s a way to spread the love among your friends and family and get them aboard the fitness wave! By doing so, your friends will get a discount of 25% up to Rs. 1000 on their first purchase.

In return, it is also a chance for you earn Fitcash worth Rs.300 if your referred friend makes their first purchase or completes their first or trial class.

Fitcash is simply reward points that can be redeemed during any purchase on the app/website. 1 unit of Fitcash is equivalent to a Re. 1 discount. To know more about Fitcash, click here.

If your friend accepts your referral link and takes up a trial session, you will receive Rs. 300 Fitcash and 5 days extension to your Cult/Mind active membership. However, after taking the trial session, your friend will not be eligible for a 25% discount on their Cult/mind/eat subscription purchase as they will be a part of Cult family after taking a trial session.