If for any reason you will not be able to attend your session, we encourage you to CANCEL that session. This allows other users to book your slot. Sessions can be canceled til 60 mins before the session. Not marking attendance for a booked session may lead to a penalty.


If you miss marking attendance for a free trial, you will lose 1 free trial.

For cult.fit members, for each session that you do not mark attendance, you will lose one day of cult.fit membership. But, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered for days when you can’t avoid a last minute change of plan or simply forget to mark attendance.

Each one time Cult pack has a pre-set number of “no shows” (when attendance is not marked for a booked session) that you are entitled to after which every no show will lead to a reduction of one day each from your membership.

The number of pre-set penalty free no shows for each pack:

  • 1 Month weekend Unlimited/Select Pack  - 4
  • 3 Month Unlimited/Select Pack - 6
  • 6 Months Unlimited/Select Pack - 12
  • 12 Months Unlimited/Select Pack - 24

For Cult Monthly subscriptions:

  • You get 2 no penalty free shows per month. After this limit is crossed, every no show will lead to a penalty of Rs.100
  • Any no show penalty amount will be added to your next month’s bill

In addition to the penalty-free no shows, if you accidentally miss marking your attendance or canceling a class, you can also get the “no show” reversed as an exception. Just log into the app and select the session you missed from the ‘Plan’ tab and tap report a problem. But use it wisely & sparingly as this exception will only be available twice during your tenure with us and will not refresh when you renew your membership